Reclaiming women’s spirituality and women’s ritual is absolutely vital for the care and sustenance of a woman’s soul and when a woman is empowered and centered, there is a natural resonance with the rest of her life. Because most women today have forgotten the traditions and customs of our ancestors it is no wonder why approximately 12 million women in the United States experience clinical depression each year. The modern world has been designed to keep us from focusing on our connection to source and because of that many women feel they have lost their connection to spirit, nature and their creative spark leaving them feeling stagnant in their lives.

By acknowledging the divinity within ourselves – the Goddess and the God, Sacred Duality: we acknowledge the inherent power that is within us.  We no longer need to stumble alone in the dark in pain and anger and shame – we have the ability to reclaim our power and acknowledge the pain, anger and shame; name it; feel it; and release it.

It is through ritual and ceremony that we accomplish the task and embark on the rites of passage needed to bring us to the threshold of our new desired reality. Ritual and ceremony allow us to make transitions and mark important events in our lives, we express ourselves in joy and sorrow, and perhaps, most importantly, we create and sustain identity. Ritual and ceremony motivate and move us to make the necessary changes in our lives and allow us to fully process, integrate and implement growth into our everyday life.


What is R.A.W?

Radically Awakened Woman (R.A.W) transformational coaching

is a special mix of:

ubuntu-based wisdom

women's initiatory rites of passage

traditional earth-based healing practices

nature-based life coaching

ancestral bone oracle divination

spiritual guidance & support

goal-setting & accountability

ritual + ceremony

in a sacred and safe container specially designed 

to accelerate your journey towards personal mastery + spiritual liberation!


This is more than a program this is an activation of your potential..

Each experience is uniquely tailored to you

to provide you with the tools to actualize and live the life

you've been wanting to live.

"When the women heal, the world heals."

We believe that personal development, growth, transformation and empowerment of the soul only truly occurs when raw emotion has an outlet to be fully embodied and integrated through the process of ritual + ceremony while being witnessed within a safe and sacred community container which we understand in the Zulu -Bantu tradition as the foundational elements of Ubuntu. Without this complete process of the 5 natural elements, true healing at its root will not be materialized within the individual and/or the collective.

Sat on the Rocks

R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Weekend Schedule of Events 

Friday, August 27th

Arrival Day



To ensure a successful experience we advise R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Initiates  to arrive between 3pm EST & 5pm EST to complete check in process and to be  prepared for opening circle at 6pm and the start of our 1st ceremony of the weekend at 7pm EST.


"The Great Mothers

 Star Constellation Ceremony" ft.

Makhosi Ateyo Nkanyezi &

R.A.W Empowerment Team:

In this divinely guided experience we will journey underneath the stars on sacred Native American land with all of the Great Mothers in the Mohawk Tradition of which I have been initiated into:  

Grandmother Star Nations, Grandmother Sun, Grandmother Medicine Woman, Grandmother Shaman, Grandmother Midwife, Grandmother Moon, Grandmother Earth, and Grandmother Death. Along with my Dlozi (Ancestral Guide), Nkanyezi, The Great Star, we will channel each of their messages for deep reflection as they offer us their healing, wisdom and guidance.  


Saturday, August 28th

R.A.W Elemental Initiation Day

The Wisdom of the Wailing Woman

Ancestral Baptism & Grief Ritual 

"Rituals are actions that symbolically connect us to the divine within and without. Through the release of expressing feelings, emotions and dormant energy within the body it can bring about a sense of closure, or keep an important part of the past alive in a more meaningful way. When rituals are done to commemorate a loss, they honor both the person who is doing them and what they've lost."


In The Wisdom of the Wailing Woman Ancestral Baptism & Grief Ritual R.AW initiates will come to the river and do the divine work of letting go and laying burdens down not only for themselves, their loved ones and their ancestors but for the collective of woman that need to wail that live within our bones. This powerful ceremony will be lead by Makhosi Ateyo along with the R.A.W Priestess Facility and Support Team.    

Ancestor Fire | The Sol Walk ft. 

Makhosi Ateyo Nkanyezi &

Sensei Subira

What is your deepest desire? What is burning in your soul waiting to be unleashed into the world? Meet me at the edge of the fire to meet your desire. When you accomplish this next step you will be forever changed!

Sunday, August 29th

Graduation Day


ft. Iya Yemaya Adédoja

"In the end, all I did was sit, watch, and heal."

Can you imagine just allowing yourself to be that way? Or does it seems impossible to part from your schedule, agenda, commitments, to-do list, cell phone and computer? During our final workshop together explore who it is you be as you are guided through your thoughts and mind with a guided meditation and prepare to journey through the channels of the heart to dig into who you truly be.

The Ancestor Table Brunch

Come gather 'round the Ancestor Table, chile and let's celebrate ourselves & the work that has been done throughout our weekend together!  During this final workshop we will laugh, talk and elevate our collective ancestors with beautiful exercises that are designed to further awaken your mind and expand your consciousness about what is possible for you and the legacy you are creating. You will leave this weekend with a clear path to achieving your goals and ready to take flight and soar...Plus there's bottomless Mimosas being served up by Chef Sparrows Kitchen for this special 1st Annual R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Graduation Brunch!     


R.A.W Integration Support Calls

ft. Rev. High Priestess Thema Azize Serwa

Upon completion of the R.A.W Weekend participants will also experience our 30-day post integration container to continue to journey deeper into the lessons they received during our time together. It is important to allow to truly anchor in the medicine and have continued support during the 1st stages of entering back into your everyday environment so the team at R.A.W Empowerment Coaching have you covered. 

Tuesday, September 7th at 7pm EST

Tuesday, October 5th at 7pm EST

All of the components within the R.A.W Rites of Passage Initiation experience are designed to be deeply transformational and push you past your perceived limitations of lack, inadequacy, and inner doubt. After each of our weekend immersion experiences we take all of the work we have done even deeper with monthly R.A.W Coaching Roundtable sessions. During this time we get to take our private mentorship to another level with post integration ritual and community discussion on how initiates can anchor in on what jewels they've discovered within themselves . While in community during the weekend our team of R.A.W Priestess Coaches will be there to support you through your growth edges when you are feeling the pressure of birthing the Diamond that is your sacred self. I will personally guide you through various earth-based ceremonies and rituals within the Zulu Sangoma tradition as well as other African and Indigenous practices that I have been initiated into and authorized to perform. These rituals, spiritual exercises and ceremonies will help to  unlock and awaken the stagnant energy that has been keeping you stuck and holding you back from the life you know is within you to achieve. Some of the shamanic healing modalities you may actively participate in during the initiation experience and throughout the R.A.W transformation are:


Fire Purification

Ubuntu Healing Circle 

 River Cleansing ceremony

 Ancestor feast/party

Soul Retrieval

Plant Medicine

 Grief Rituals

Shadow Work

Ancestral Baptism

Family  Constellations

5 Element Activation Ceremony

Trauma Release Breathwork

Sound Healing Attunements

The Re-birthing Ceremony

Ancestral Veneration Ceremony

Empowerment & Inner Confidence Building Exercises

& so much more!

The R.A.W initiation experience has been divinely curated to awaken your subconscious and impact your psyche in such a powerful way that will leave empowered with the necessary fuel to accomplish your goals and finally move forward in your life.


Are you interested in joining us but have questions and need to speak with us?


Makhosi 'Gogo Ateyo' Nkanyezi, is a Sangoma Traditional Healer, Medicine Woman and initiated Shamanic Priestess in several African & Native Indigenous Spiritual practices. Guided by the Amadlozi, elevated ancestral spirits of her lineage to bring forth sacred ancestral healing to elevate and empower humanity. Gogo Ateyo Nkanyezi is an ordained interfaith minister, international speaker, spiritual teacher & certified International Fire Walk Instructor & Empowerment  Life coach. She leads ancestral healing retreats & ceremonies worldwide. She is a traditionally trained Sangoma in the Zulu heritage of South Africa.

About Your Guide &

The Creator of R.AW: Transformational Coaching


R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator- Yemaya Adédoja

Yemaya Adédoja Photo.jpg

Yemaya Adédoja is an educator, transformation coach, wellness practitioner and iyalorisha.


A former high school math teacher with almost 20 years of classroom experience, Iya Adédoja found that what she enjoyed the most about teaching is being able to support and walk alongside others through a process of discovery and “problem” solving.

She founded Akoma Wellness where she serves as a spiritual doula and guide to individuals who are ready to transform their lives through sacred circles, intuitive readings, and energy healing services. In September 2019, she was initiated as a Priestess of Yemaya in Havana, Cuba. Her intention is to create sacred spaces to share her knowledge of indigenous practices in an effort to support individuals in re-membering who they are and embrace the power that comes with being connected to their hearts. Her prayer is that we be whole. be love. be free.

R.A.W Empowerment Coach  Iya Yemaya Adédoja

Turn on sound to watch the full Interview

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator- Sensei Subira

Sensei Subira Folami.jpg

Sensei Subira is a self-published author, speaker and Reverend of Spiritual Consciousness who believes that our most painful life experiences can serve as a catalyst for transformation. She believes that the powerful process of confronting pain can heal us, our community and by extension the world.


Sensei Subira is the Spiritual Life Coach to Aspiring Authors, Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Healers supporting them to write, self-publish and launch their first book while growing and monetizing a private Facebook (™) group based on their work.  

Sensei Subira believes that the key to healing, transformation, prosperity and wellness lies in creating in partnership with your ancestors and your sacred calling.

Sensei Subira Folami was ordained at the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development under the distinguished tutelage of Master Life Coach and Spiritual teacher, world renowned speaker, best-selling author, radio and television personality, Iyanla Vanzant.  She holds a second-degree black belt in American Kenpo Martial Arts, a red belt in Budokon Martial Arts & Yoga and is a Reiki Master Teacher.  

She has studied in Ghana with the Dagomba, has been initiated to the West African Spiritual practice of Ifa and to the element of fire as an  International Certified Firewalking Instructor through SUNDOOR Inc. 

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R.A.W Empowerment Coach Sensei Subira Folami

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator- Yeye Jagun Obaluaye


Dr. Chief Yeye Jagun Obaluaye is a Writer, Meta-Physicist, Spirit Guide,and Priest. Chief Yeye paternally comes from a long line of Haitian Manbos, and is continuing tradition in the indigenous practice of Ifá. Both maternally and paternally gifted psychic mediumship, clairaudience, and psychic empathy amongst other psychic gifts. She was raised with the mixture of traditional religion and Hoodoo magic as her foundation.


As a descendent of Obaluaye, she has been tasked to continue his healing work on Orisa’s behalf. Chief Yeye is a Priest for Obaluaye, Nana Buruku, and Egbe Jagun. She has a beautiful mixture of science, modern modalities, and ancient wisdom yielding her a light reflection to the spirits who align with her.

Olufunke also does racial equity from a spiritual intelligent and mindful lens as well as emergency management utilizing the same equity mindfulness framework. Olufunke is a multi-faceted spiritual craftsman building better communities, one person at a time.

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator- Marie C. Nazon, Ph.D, LMSW

Dr. Marie Nazon Mambo Yasezi.jpeg

Mambo Yasezi, Marie C. Nazon, Ph.D, LMSW, is a social worker with over 30 years of clinical experience in mental health. She is on the counseling faculty at The City College New York, SEEK Department of Counseling and Support Services and a psychotherapist with Aldea Counseling Services.

Her spiritual journey has led her to be initiated in the Vodou tradition as a Mambo in her native land of Haiti and as a Iyanifa of the Yoruba tradition in Sagamu, Nigeria.

  For over 20 years she has been a member of Kunsi Keya Tamakoce, a Lakota sweat lodge/Sundance community in the United States and a former vice president of the board for five years. She is a Reiki practitioner, a graduate of ALisa Starkweather's Priestess Path experience, Generation 14 and  Priestess Practicum of Triple Spiral of Dun na Sidhe, a Pagan spiritual community.

R.A.W Priestess Coach & Facilitator- Thema Azize Serwa


Reverend High Priestess Thema Azize Serwa is a best selling author, public speaker, professional coach and educator, and ordained interfaith minister. I have served well when you recognize how powerful you are! YOUR EMPOWERMENT is my passion.

Rev. Thema's education includes 2 bachelor degrees (BS Counseling Psychology and BA English), a master’s in Business Administration (MBA-GM), 4 professional certifications (Certified Holistic Doula, Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist), and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity (D.D).

I am a former Madriella Board member, training and supporting doulas. And lastly, I am the founder of The Womb Sauna University which offers a world-class certification program for Womb Sauna Practitioners and 24/7 online courses for holistic health education and self development.

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R.A.W Empowerment Coach Thema Azize Serwa

All meals throughout the R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Weekend are included in your investment.

Your Ancestral Mothers are leading you on a path of healing, will you take it?

Sat on the Rocks


When does R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman begin?

The weekend is scheduled to begin at 5pm EST on Friday, August 27th and ends Sunday, August 29th at 3pm.

The  30-day post integration coaching w/ Thema Azize Serwa begins on:

Tuesday, September 7th at 7pm EST

Tuesday, October 5th at 7pm EST

What is the financial investment to participate in the R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman?

The financial investment for R.A.W is as follows. . .

4 monthly payments of $425


$1600 paid in full (save $100)

please note: the monthly investment plan will continue to increase with each month to ensure all payment arrangements are completed prior to the upcoming weekend gathering i.e. starting July 1st payment plan will increase to 3 monthly payments of $567 ($1700 total) 

all options include:

The R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Weekend  

30 Days of  R.A.W Empowerment Coaching 

& Private Facebook Group for on-going community support

What are the accommodations for the R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman Weekend?

All meals and lodging accommodations are included in the pricing listed. Travel expenses such as airfare and ground transportation to & from the private retreat location are not included in the investment pricing listed above. Our next R.A.W Weekend will be hosted on Sacred Native American land located in Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571 the full address will be provided upon registration. 

Important Notice Regarding Coronavirus: 

R.A.W: Radically Awakened Woman requires a Negative Co-vid Test in order to attend the in-person weekend retreat and will implement all safety practices and standards throughout our time together in sacred space. Please submit your Negative Co-vid Test 24-hours prior to our gathering. We recommend using this link for a CVS test, you can take it at no cost to yourself (whether you have insurance or not). 

Ready to get started? 

You don't want to miss out on this magical experience...

Join today and take advantage of our payment plan  

for only 4 payments of $425!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to to email us!